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BBA Certification

Commitment to quality assurance

Stanta are committed to ensuring our products, operations and services are of the highest quality and technical support to our clients. To ensure this remains so, and to provide proof and assurance to clients Stanta have committed to maintaining our BBA certification for our SFS infill systems.

Stanta recently renewed our entire BBA certificate in August 2016 and remain one of the few SFS providers in the UK to offer this for SFS infill. To maintain this certification Stanta are audited twice a year in our manufacturing, operational and site installation procedures to ensure compliance with BBA standards.

This process reviews our supply chain, CE marking, product traceability, QC procedures and even onsite training of installers to ensure the standards remain high enough for the NHBC acceptance and 60 year design life that is certified. There is no equivalent level of approval in construction products for the UK and ensures our clients know they're getting a top quality product.

Copies of our BBA cert can be downloaded on the BBA website via the following link. If you would like to discuss our certifications and warranties please contact our technical sales manager at fitzgerald.s@stanta.com